about bläanks


bläanks is a Los Angeles brand that specializes in manufacturing knit goods for hospitality and private label branding.

Co-founded by Susanne Karlsson & Judy Pokonosky, bläanks brings the architecture and design community a direct-to-consumer avenue for all knit needs. After meeting in the Fashion industry over 20 years ago and bonding over a shared love for the technical process, the founders saw a gap in the market and decided to transition from their familiar territory into manufacturing home goods. Today, the two work in tandem with Susanne taking the lead on the technical aspects while Judy focuses on business development and manufacturing.

Producing knits is a process which requires specific expertise, with Susanne & Judy’s experience virtually any project is in the right hands. For those with completed designs who seek only a manufacturer, to those with empty canvases who want creative support before production, bläanks provides guidance from concept to consumer.